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grow in truth. be bold. break free.

the Collective.

A community membership empowering you to navigate real life from a Biblical perspective.

opens august 1, 2022

These days it seems like we're more connected than ever (thanks internet!), but also, somehow, more distant and often, divided. The Collective is a place where we aim to change that through community, education, & solidarity. It's kind of like personal development without the hustle, Bible study but deeper, and a girl gang minus any drama.

I mean, that's kind of the dream, isn't it? If you've been searching for a place to fit, somewhere you can carve out a little corner of the internet for yourself and break free from the lies and shame that get heaped on top of you...welcome to the Collective, sister. I think you're gonna love it.

Girl, we've got you.

tired of feeling alone? burnt out?
want to know what the Bible actually says?

month one

month two

month three

The first month of every Collective quarter will introduce a new quarterly topic! You'll receive your killer downloadable workbook & we'll have a live Zoom teaching call about the topic that will include everything from Scripture to action steps!

The best part of the Collective? You're going to get access to some of my really incredible & wise friends! Month two includes a guest speaker call who specializes in our quarter's topic along with a Q&A!

Let's wrap this up. For the final month of each topic we'll have a live Zoom coaching call that's more interactive and conversational - allowing you to pitch in your thoughts and ideas and what you've learned this quarter!

Have you ever heard of exegesis? Maybe you've seen the term thrown around in highly intellectual or theological circles and just assumed it didn't apply to you. But the truth is, all of us should be engaging in exegesis as we open our Bibles. Exegesis is the study of the Bible to produce useful interpretations of those passages, essentially understanding what Scripture really says and unearthing new insights.

In Quarter One of the Collective, we're going to dive deep into how to understand Scripture (so that it can't be weaponized against you), what a thriving, fruitful prayer life can look like, and how we can hear from the Holy Spirit in a discerning, helpful way.

This quarter, come learn about reading Scripture, prayer, & discernment.

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what you get each quarter:

A live teaching call with Blake on the quarter's topic


A live teaching call & Q&A with an expert guest speaker


A live coaching call with your fellow Collective members where you submit the questions



Exclusive challenges, giveaways, contests, & announcements!


coming up:

Reading Scripture, Prayer, & Discernment

august - october

Routines, Time Management, & Productive Rest

november - january

Critical Thinking, Biblical Prepping, & That Semi-Crunchy Life




february - april

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"I want to go to the grave having lived life wild + brave + free."


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Do I have to have Facebook to join the Collective?

No! We've moved our Collective Community over to a new platform, Kajabi, the same place the rest of your membership is hosted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make it to the calls live?

Totally okay! All of the calls are recorded and added to the Collective Library soon after the call. You'll also be able to submit questions for the coaching call if you can't make it live.

Do I sign a contract or can I cancel anytime?

No contract! If you sign up for the quarterly membership you're locked in for the quarter (no refunds), but feel free to cancel whenever!

Who do I reach out to if I have problems or need help?

Is this just for influencers/business owners?

Not at all. Will those people benefit from the Collective? For sure. But this is a space for everyone.

Why can't I sign up whenever I want to?

With our new structure, we're covering topics in a quarterly fashion and only opening the doors at the beginning of the quarter makes it way easier to manage.

waitlist me.

the next open registration will be August 1 - 6, make sure you don't miss it by joining the waitlist and we promise to make sure you know it's open!

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