find freedom in your

time, money, & rest

with women just like you, from a woman just like you.

Join us every month for our take on group coaching married with a mastermind. Focused on community and growth at your own pace, in your own season - the Collective offers a place to come together and learn about bravery and freedom without all the ickiness personal development often brings.

Find solidarity in the community, learn truths that can impact your real life, and join us for our monthly coaching call to pick Blake's brain and find more ways to pursue freedom in your time, money, & rest.

why time, money, & rest?

because these are the three types of freedom i believe women to be most in need of. because they're the types of freedom i most often have to fight for.

Time Freedom: Learn how to put in the time and work now to free up your schedule and allow you to be present in the life that’s happening right in front of you, with everything from productivity hacks to healthy habit forming.

Money Freedom: Take it from someone who once had to sell gold coins to keep the lights on, financial freedom is not only possible, it's necessary. And I don't mean in a get rich quick way, I mean intention, God honoring stewardship, both of your wealth and your natural giftings.

Rest Freedom: Are you tired? Do you feel like you're always being pulled in a million different directions but somehow not getting anything done? It's likely you're living out of a scarcity mindset instead of one of abundance - and I'd love to teach you how to work hard without hustling.

who is the Collective for?

the mom trying to manage her time (& sanity) while finding space for her hopes & dreams

the newly graduated girl who isn't sure what the next step is

the woman who works full time and wants to be a better steward of what god's given her

the one trying to prioritize her relationship with christ while keeping all the plates spinning

the gist:

if you're a woman in search of some real life help finding freedom & balance - this is for you.

Here's What You Can Expect in the Collective:

➝a live mastermind call on a different freedom topic every month

➝ a quarterly handbook full of ideas, tips, action steps, devotionals, and some fun graphics to keep you motivated along the way

➝ access to the collective community where you can share, ask, and encourage!

➝ collective exclusive giveaways, discounts, announcements, & early access 

She speaks God's truth, inspires, encourages, & she does it all so authentically.

— brooke

“Seriously, Blake has made such an impact on me.”

February | Time Freedom

March | Money Freedom

April | Rest Freedom

quarter one


so here's the plan:

May | Time Freedom

June | Money Freedom

July | Rest Freedom

quarter two


so here's the plan:

August | Time Freedom

September | Money Freedom

October | Rest Freedom

quarter three


so here's the plan:





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Do I need to have a Facebook account?

Honestly? Yes. The Facebook group is where the real community and connection happens, where friendships are created and check-ins happen. If you don't have a FB, maybe make a "fake" one so you can take part?

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I miss the live stuff? Can I still watch?

Absolutely! Everything is going to live in the Facebook group as well as in your membership portal!

Am I in a contract or can I cancel anytime?

You're in control of your membership, you can canccel and rejoin to your heart's delight.

Can anyone join or is this more for biz people / authors, podcasters, etc?

This is not a business group! Yes, we'll definitely talk social media and all the things that go with it, but this is a growth and coaching group focused on finding community and growing together!

If I sign up and then change my mind, can I get a refund?

Due to the instant and digital nature of a Collective membership, there are no refunds available.

How much is it a month?

$27 a month. That comes out to 4.5 trips to Starbucks. Or like 2 trips to Chick Fil A. It's worth it, promise. OR you can sign up for the quarterly membership and save!