Crappy Christian Collective.

Crappy Christian Collective.

a private community based on scripture & real life application to equip you to tackle the crap that comes your way.

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What you can expect in the Crappy Christian Collective:

01. Honest, no holds barred advice & education on topics that apply to every part of the Christian life.
02. A kind & welcoming community that wants to see you win.
03. Action steps & tangible advice to put things into practice beyond theory.

You need a place to talk and learn about real life things with real life people. This is that place.

You're in the right place.

After years of teaching online on my podcast and Instagram, the Crappy Christian Collective is a place for me to pull things in even closer and continue to build a tight-knit community that thrives on honesty and vulnerability. It's a way for me to continue to be even more in touch with you while giving you more access to me.

This is the Collective.

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where i'll give you the tools & resources to not fall for non biblical crap from the world & internet.

Whether it's business, relationships, Biblical literacy, boundaries,  or some mash up of them all, I'm passionate about taking my lessons learned in the school of hard knocks and sharing them with you. I never thought I would be an "educator," but here we are.

You need someone to tell the truth in love & point you back to Jesus.

here's the deal

She speaks God's truth, inspires, encourages, & she does it all so authentically.

— brooke

“Seriously, Blake has made such an impact on me.”

The Collective is for you if:

You're in search of godly community

you're pursuing growth in walking out biblical truth

you want to go deeper into your relationship with god

you need someone to bounce thoughts & ideas off of

you tend to struggle with follow through or making moves 

you want to get better at using your natural gifts for the glory of god

A highly applicable monthly topic to grow and stretch you in your faith journey

How does this sound?



here's what you get when you join the
crappy christian collective

One live group coaching session with Blake covering the topic


Access to the private Facebook community


Tools, downloads, resources, & recommendations


Weekly action items and goals to help you put what you're learning into practice 

Upcoming Month's Topics:

april: who's at your table?

may: all bodies are good bodies

june: you're already influential

Who is in your life matters. Where they are positioned and placed in your life matters even more. And if you’re lacking in the wisdom and awareness to be intentional with your relationships they can end up running roughshod over your life. Join us to learn about the different types of relationships, the purposes they serve, how to ensure the people you love are getting the best of you, how to navigate tough relationships, & how to be the kind of friend God has called you to be.

Good news: there is no weight requirement for being considered God’s workmanship! As we enter the summer months, you may be tempted to begin perfecting the art of hiding - hiding your body, hiding your insecurities, hiding the parts of yourself that aren’t the way you would like them to be. But friend, that is not how God intended you to live! Join us in the Collective as we look at what God has to say about our bodies, our worth, how we can care for ourselves without bending to the diet culture narrative, and what freedom in Christ looks like for body image.

In a world obsessed with metrics and numbers, it seems like everyone is running towards one goal - influence. We’ve even made the word a job title! But here’s the truth: if you have the courage to speak the truth in love, you have the ability to be influential. In fact, God has already given you influence & placed people in your path, you just need to ask Him how you should walk in it. Join us as we talk about abandoning the world’s definition of influence & picking up the Bible’s, the fact that you’re already influential, seeking God’s guidance in influence, & finding your purpose.

Why us? Why the Collective?

There are plenty of other life group coaching programs out there, so why should this be the one you make you investment on? Because above all else, I value Jesus. And because of that, every lesson I've learned and will turn around and teach you goes through a filter of the Holy Spirit...and He's a way better teacher than I am. I work really hard to make sure every thing that comes to you in saturated in the Spirit, and this group is no exception.

So if you're looking for a teacher, a mentor, and a community that prioritizes Jesus and also wants to grow and learn every day,

this is the place for you, friend.

This membership is one-of-a-kind (in our humble opinion) because...

we really do keep jesus at the center of it all

Sure, there are plenty of group coaching or mastermind memberships you could sign up for, but as a believer, you're just...different. You're supposed to be! And we need more women stepping up and using their gifts confidently for the glory of God and the good of their families. That's the heart behind the Collective. To equip you to walk in the glory of who God made you. And we do that by keeping Him the focus of every single thing we do.

we're not interested in theory - we're talking real life with real steps

Can I be super honest with you? There is nothing more that grinds my gears than making an investment in my growth and walking away feeling like all I heard were theoretical ideas with no boots-on-the-ground application. So believe me when I tell you that yes, there will be conceptual conversations had in the Collective - but there will always be tangibility. You will always get action steps, homework, ways to put what you're learning into practice. 

What if I don't have a Facebook account?

We're going to really try to make the Collective inclusive for people without FB via email, but the majority of the connecting is going to happen there, so maybe make a fake account so you can join us?

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I miss the live stuff? Can I still watch?

Absolutely! Everything is going to live in the Facebook group as well as in your membership portal!

Am I in a contract or can I cancel anytime?

You must cancel your membership 48 hours before your next payment drafts. You'll still have access to the group until your next payment would have drafted.

Can anyone join or is this more for biz people / authors, podcasters, etc?

This is not a business group! Yes, we'll definitely talk social media and all the things that go with it, but this is a growth and coaching group focused on finding community and growing together!

If I sign up and then change my mind, can I get a refund?

Due to the instant and digital nature of a Collective membership, there are no refunds available.

How much is it a month?

$27 a month. That comes out to 4.5 trips to Starbucks. Or like 2 trips to Chick Fil A. It's worth it, promise.


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