the girl named blake

What's much-ness?

Ever since I was a little girl, I've adored Alice in Wonderland - both the cartoon and the multiple books by Lewis Carroll. As a wild haired, misfit of a child, I remember loving this exchange between the Mad Hatter and Alice:

You used to be much more… “muchier.” You’ve lost your muchness. 

Many of us have lost our muchness along the way - being told we're too much or not enough for whatever cultural constraints we're supposed to fit into. And I fully believe God helped me embrace mine so I could turn around and hand you back yours. That's really why I do everything that I do. To help you be wild and brave and free in your muchness.


Run Your Race


You're tired of not knowing what to post, who you're talking to, or why you're not growing. But what if I told you growing your presence on the internet is a lot more simple than you've made it? You don't need to be obsessing over every post or pulling your hair out trying to find the time to work on things. 

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Bible Bootcamp

Learn the word for yourself

Grow in your confidence, expand your relationship with God, and find the study method that’s best for you and your lifestyle. I’ve put together the five methods I’ve used during my time studying the Word that’s allowed me to understand the Bible and do it in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming, and now it’s all yours. 

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intimate small group coaching to help you chase your dreams

Whether it's running a small business, building an online platform, excelling in your network marketing, or learning to use your voice to tell the world about Jesus - the Insiders small group exists to give you the tools and bravery you need to do it well. In Insiders, I hand you the keys to everything I've done and learned while encouraging you to keep God first.

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the Collective

your new fav thing on the internet

A community membership empowering you to navigate real life from a Biblical perspective with live calls, guest speakers, exclusive discounts & access, & a killer community to do it all alongside.

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