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Everything You Need
to Run Your Show is in

the Podcaster's Bundle

Every template, email, and checklist I use to run my top charting weekly podcast Confessions of a Crappy Christian is included in the bundle - no secrets here!

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The Podcaster's Bundle is a complete system to get your podcast off the ground and keep it running smoothly and effectively.

what's inside:

professional media kit template

5+ podcasting email templates to send

show run checklist to keep you organized

launch template for your show & episodes

access to any additional content that may be added

What started with less than 1,000 followers and no credentials has grown to a chart-topping podcast & resources for all women.

& it's all God. Yes, I've worked really hard and been obedient and pushed through, but when I look back it's so easy to see God's handprint on every step along the way. And now I get to turn around and teach other women how to use their God given gifts to further the kingdom and support their families. 

i had no idea what this would become... 

& now i get to share with you everything I've done, learned, & am still doing to this day to get my show in front of as many people as possible while streamlining the process to make it work like a well-oiled machine.

the Podcaster's Bundle

Whether you're just getting started or your podcast has been on the air for a while, the podcaster's bundle has everything you need to take your show to the next level.