the goal is for you to be

wild & brave & free

here's a few ways we can help:

01. the Collective

Focused on community and growth at your own pace, in your own season - the Collective offers a place to come together and learn about bravery and freedom without all the ickiness personal development often brings.

Find solidarity in the community, learn truths that can impact your real life, and join us for our monthly coaching call to pick Blake's brain and find more ways to pursue freedom in your time, money, & rest.

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02. Run Your Race

Run Your Race is my course created to help you grow your online presence, business, or ministry without having to hustle. step by step, run your race teaches you how to manage your time, create content, combat lies, monetize, avoid burnout, & grow authentically and organically.

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03. Insiders

Insiders is like small group coaching and a mastermind had a baby & created the perfect framework for you to get up close help at an affordable price. for 12 weeks you get one on one access to me to help you make your dreams and goals a reality - focusing on creating multiple revenue streams, building habits & routines for success, & what you specifically need to do to grow your online presence. insiders only runs three sessions a year, accepting 20 people per session.

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04. Blitz Coaching

Think of it as less one on one coaching and more a very intentional, planned out coffee date to pick someone who's a little bit ahead of you's brain. You bring the ideas, I'll bring the action steps, and before we're done you'll have the plan and gumption to keep going.

Available for business stuff or just life.

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